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The Other 99 Releases a Major Update on its Island

Developer: Burning Arrow
Publisher: Deck 13
Available on: Steam 
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux

The Other 99, a first-person action-survival game in which an ordinary person is torn from their life for an experience that the developers describe as Battle Royale meets Lost, Fight Club and Lord of the Flies, has received a major update. Many of the issues that wannabe survivors flagged in earlier builds of the game have been patched, and island survival is now even harder. Good luck.

In case you missed The Other 99 when it was first released into Steam Early Access in August 2016, the game opens with a note: "The only way off the island is through The Other 99". Unfortunately, the other 99 people on the island also saw the same note, and they want to survive just as badly as you do. As you're exploring the island, trying to discover its depths whilst keeping yourself alive, dynamic AI is doing the same thing. Exploring. Killing. Surviving.

In order to make survival as fun and difficult as possible - it is survival, after all – Burning Arrow have been working away on a long list of improvements, which include:

  • New starting area
  • Massively reworked balancing
  • Better interaction for survival with the world (e.g. now you can drink water from rivers, etc.)
  • Rework of the Survival Guide (Hunger & Thirst related)
  • Overhauled the island with new props populating the environment
  • Reworked combat

The updated version of The Other 99 is available now on Steam for £14.99, where an improved island of survival, mysteries, murder, and 99 desperate survivors are waiting for you. I must admit... I'm almost tempted to take a holiday on this particular island myself.

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