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When I started writing for HorrorTalk, I was exposed to the work of some very talented people in the comic book industry. One such individual is writer / artist / entrepreneur menton3, who has quickly become one of my favorite artists. Between work like Monocyte and Transfusion, menton3's style really stands out. He's ready to expand his portfolio with a new three issue limited series called The Memory Collectors through IDW Publishing this fall.

The comic centers on a trio of unexpected heroines who discover that humans are being unwillingly harvested by demonic entities for their memories. They decide to fight back against these harsh forces in a desolate new reality.

“It’s always an honor to work with IDW,” says menton3. “I feel so incredibly lucky to have their help to put out a very different kind of story from me. Working on The Memory Collectors reminded me of why I wanted to make comics.”
“Menton’s blend of fine art and storytelling produce something completely unique,” said series editor Denton J. Tipton, “He’s a pleasure to work with, and every new page he turns in finds a new way to surprise me.”

If The Memory Collectors is anything like his previous work, it won't be your typical funny book. Menton3 has a talent for creating a very intellectual and visually stunning comic.

The first issue of The Memory Collectors will be available at your local comic shop and favorite digital device this October.










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