The Last Of Us American Dreams CoverThe Last of Us made a ton of headlines when its first trailer hit the web.  The upcoming game from Naughty Dog looks pretty friggin' awesome with some realistic effects and what looks like a great story.  Dark Horse Comics has partnered with the studio to produce a four issue mini-series and an art book based on the game.  

The comic, entitled The Last of Us: American Dreams, centers on Ellie, the heroine of the video game that looks remarkably like Ellen Page.  She's grown up in this post-pandemic world, going from one military orphanage to another.  She has accepted the fact that when she becomes old enough, she'll have to join the army or be left to fend for herself, that is until she meets an older girl that's determined to find another way out.  American Dreams dives into Ellie's backstory and shows us how she ended up with her companion Joel in that great trailer.  

The first issue of The Last of US: American Dreams is set to hit comic shops and your favorite digital device in the spring of 2013.  Also on tap is The Art of The Last of Us, a deluxe hardcover that shows off the characters, the infected humans, and the overall world of the game.  This book will be released alongside the video game.

Are you psyched for more from The Last of Us?


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