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 The Inner Darkness releases on Steam 

Developer: Nauris Amatnieks
Available on: Steam
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux

If you're one of the many people that loved Stranger Things, as I am, you may have been keeping your eye on The Inner Darkness - previously named The Dark Within - a game that I covered in 2016 with a dimension-shifting mechanic that was inspired by the Netflix series. Well, I have good news... The Inner Darkness was just released on Steam and is celebrating with 20% off, making the game £3.19 (down from £3.99), until March 3rd. Time to get Eggos in for some 2D pixel-horror puzzle-platforming.

The Inner Darkness begins with an injured man waking up somewhere unfamiliar. He's in pain, disorientated, but he does have a new ability to switch between two dimensions, so it isn't all bad. One dimension is brightly coloured and idyllic, like a pixelated paradise, and the other is dark, decrepit and deadly. However, to progress through the game, you must switch between both to solve puzzles.

In one dimension there may be something blocking your path, and by switching over to the other dimension you might be able to continue onwards or find something that will help you progress. A couple of examples I used previously, based on trailer footage, was the appearance of a bridge in the safer dimension where a spiked chasm previously lay in wait, or a bouncy tire discarded in the darker dimension that allows you to bounce over a blockage. Only by switching between the two can you find everything you need to keep moving forward. You may even be doing this with a spring in your step, if the trailer's catchy, yet atmospheric, soundtrack is anything to go by.

The Inner Darkness is now available on Steam for £3.19, which is 20% off its normal price of £3.99 until March 3rd. Those with a love for pixel-art visuals, dimension-shifting puzzles and Stranger Things may find something they like here. Welcome to your own pixelated Upside-Down.

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