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It's been over 25 years since I've been to Disney World so I can't remember much about it, but I'm certainly aware of many of the park's attractions.  We've seen them come alive in a number of films in recent years.  In 2016, one of them is making the jump to comics with The Haunted Mansion.  Written by Joshua Williamson and illustrated by Jorge Coelho, the book will be launched under the Disney Kingdoms banner from Marvel Entertainment.  It's been created in close partnership with the designers, producers, and creative directors at Walt Disney Imagineering.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Williamson says, “There are running themes throughout the whole series that we’re going to be doing, but I think when people read all five issues, I want them to have that same feeling they have when they get off the ride. If I can accomplish that, then I really feel like I’ve done something with it. Whether you’re a Marvel fan, a Haunted Mansion fan, a Disney fan, or even a comics fan, if you can get that feeling – that rush of fear and happiness — I think that would be great.”

The Haunted Mansion takes place in...you guessed it!  A haunted mansion!  The elegant mansion up on the hill appears abandoned...but where is that eerie organ music coming from?  Are the iron gates meant to keep people out...or keep something in?  Get ready to meet the 999 spooks lingering within the building's walls, but be warned...they're looking for the 1000th!

The Haunted Mansion is one of the most iconic and beloved attractions at Disney Parks the world over,” says Marvel SVP, Sales & Marketing David Gabriel. “And the Disney Kingdoms line is the perfect way for fans of comics and fans of the attraction to explore the mansion’s hidden secrets and meet some of its many memorable characters.”

The Haunted Mansion #1 is set for release in March 2016, featuring a cover by E.M. Gist.  As mentioned above, I can't remember my trip to Disney World as a kid, but if Joshua Williamson is writing this comic, I'm in.  Disney Publishing Worldwide will release several book titles in July 2016 based on the Haunted Mansion attractions including Disney Parks Presents: The Haunted Mansion and Tales from the Haunted Mansion Volume 1 – The Fearsome Foursome.



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