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American Nightmare director John Keeyes' latest film, The Harrowing arrives on VOD and On Demand on December 25th, 2018, from Film Mode Entertainment. The film stars Michael Ironside (Scanners, Starship Troopers) and Arnold Vosloo (The Mummy, G.I Joe : The Rise of Cobra).

Haunted by the ritualistic killing of his best friend, a vice detective (Matthew Tompkins, Sicario) determined to discover the truth goes undercover into a forensic hospital and is plunged into his own personal hell where demons might be real.


Jon Keeyes, writer and director of the film, says “We've carefully crafted an intelligent, suspenseful, tense thriller that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats while driving them down a road of psychological twists and turns. Right out of the gate, we pull them in with an explosive opening sequence, and then keep them guessing as the mystery unfolds until we blow their minds in the final moments. Being able to construct such an intricate puzzle like this – that is both entertaining and thought provoking – has been a joy."


Matthew Tompkins, Producer: "The Harrowing is carefully constructed to be a powerful synergy of elements that make it one of those rare 'elevated' genre films with true crossover appeal to a wide variety of hardcore fans...The film is a potent mix of horror and supernatural elements that underpin a very smart, disturbing, and complicated psychological thriller...the idea of being able to drive the narrative utilizing all of these things, to truly pull that off, from both a commercial and artistic perspective, was a fantastic opportunity for us as Filmmakers."


In addition to Ironside, Vosloo and Tompkins, the dynamic ensemble cast also includes The Haunting of Hill House's Arianne Martin and Damon Carney (Hellraiser : Judgement).

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