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All families are at least a little dysfunctional, but none of us hold a candle to the Harcourts. They take their family drama to the next level with the occult. That ups the ante considerably. This November, The Harcourt Legacy delves deep into these folks. The three-issue mini-series from Acton Lab: Danger Zone is written by Brendan Cahill, illustrated by Jason Federhenn, and colored by Josh Burcham. Here's the write-up from the publisher:

Occultist Edward Harcourt is dying, and he wants to pass along his secrets. His intended heir is his grandniece Violet, but that’s a problem for his sister Edwina, who wants to keep his legacy for herself. As for Violet, all she wants is some harmony in her troubled family life. But when presented with the idea of a magical solution to all her problems, can Violet focus on what’s real, or will she allow herself to get lost in what might be nothing more than a flight of fancy?

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Writer Brendan Cahill says "I want the reader to see something of their own life and experiences in the book. On the face of it, The Harcourt Legacy is about the occult, but ultimately it’s about family, selfishness, maturity, and where you find magic in the world. The occult part just makes it a bit more fun."

The Harcourt Legacy #1 is set for release on November 8th, 2017. It will feature a cover by Jason Federhenn and Josh Burcham, as well as one by Brendan Cahill.

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