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I've said it before, but I am almost on the look out for good all-ages comics, especially those that feature horror or monsters. It's how I'll get my kids into the spooky stuff and funny books too. That's why I'm excited at the return of Ghoul Scouts from Action Lab Entertainment. Written by Steve Bryant and illustrated by Mark Stegbauer and Jason Millet, the series follows a group of scouts in the town of Full Moon Hollow. Last time they fought a zombie outbreak. This time, they're facing a different monster in “I Was a Tweenage Werewolf.

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“In the first series, it was all about bringing the kids together to save the town,” said writer/co-creator Steve Bryant. “In series two, about three months have passed since we last saw the team. They’ve been training together since then, and have bonded in the process. It’s a slightly different dynamic, and a ton of fun.”

Ghoul Scouts: I Was a Tweenage Werewolf #1 is set for release on March 7th, 2018. It's planned for a four issue mini-series.

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