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The Field Graphic Novel Coming in October



Every day I'm baffled by people that think it's a good idea to go hang out in the wilderness. There are plenty of horror stories that back up my fear of camping. The Field from Image Comics has added to that terror. This October, the mini-series written by Ed Brisson and illustrated by Simon Roy is collected in a trade paperback.


The Field begins with a man waking up in a field in nothing but his underpants. He has no memory, no identity, and no idea what to do. A nearby cellphone buzzes with a message. It's short and to the point: "Run." This man faces a Bible salesman on a meth-fueled murder spree, a biker gang bent on revenge, and a group of cosplayers out to save the world.


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Brisson was inspired by B-moves like Repo Man for The Field, but the true origin of the story came from a Twitter prank after a friend jokingly declared Brisson missing after a night out at the bar. He started tweeting about all this weird stuff happening to him and how people kept calling this cellphone and threatening him.


The Field has been optioned by Canadian company LaRue Entertainment for production as a feature film. The trade paperback will be available in comic shops on October 15th and at book stores on October 28th. It is currently available for pre-order.


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