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The Executioner brings torture to Kickstarter

Studio: Lesser Evil Games
Platform: PC
Release: November 2017

Kickstarter is full of great projects these days, and horror games are quite often among them. It makes me all warm inside. One such warming indie project I stumbled across recently is The Executioner, an RPG being developed by Lesser Evil Games. In this text-based horror RPG, you step into the bloody – I assume – shoes of an executioner as they try to retain their sanity in a day job that can be more than a little stressful. The developers are hoping to raise a total of $19,000 and at the time of writing, they have just under a week to do so.

As the executioner, you'll be faced with difficult decisions that test your ability, your sanity, and your morality. For example, there's a criminal in front of you, strapped to a chair. There's a chance that they didn't even commit the crime that they are being punished for, but the crowd in front of you, or your employer, is bloodthirsty. Do you listen to your conscience and grant him a quick death, or do you please them all with something much crueller?

There'll be many chances to improve your penchant for prisoner torture in your torture chamber, where you can explore the different tools and abilities at your disposal. You can also study your victims and find their weak spots, whether that be a sensitive area of their body or even their loved ones. Whatever method you think will break them quicker. It's a dirty job, but someone needs to do it.

Once you're done with prisoners, their bodies can be sold to the "dead flesh market", where you'll likely earn the money to meddle in a "rich occult underground" of medieval artefacts like the Hand of Glory, Mandrake Root, and Tarot Cards. All the while, you must try to retain your sanity, lest you lose yourself to the darkness inside you. It's an interesting, narrative-focused experience that will span across five chapters and approximately 20 hours of gameplay. Ready to get involved?

Lesser Evil Games are looking to raise $19,000 for The Executioner on Kickstarter, and a $10 pledge (limited early bird) or $15 pledge (once those run out) will torture up a digital copy of the game when it is released in November 2017. There's also a demo so you can sharpen your tools for the real thing. Keep up with the latest news on their Twitter, and make sure to scare up a pledge on Kickstarter and vote on Steam Greenlight if you're interested in some story-driven execution.


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