The Darkness 112 CoverThings have been better for Jackie Estacado.  Sure, he remade the world and brought his dead lover Jenny Romano back to life while running a large crime organization.  You'd think he'd be doing well.  Unfortunately, The Darkness has separated itself from him and become his doppelganger, taking over his business and his family.  Jenny is slowly going insane.  Hope is now the most powerful vessel the Darkness has ever seen.  Yes, the fiercest person to ever wield the Darkness is a little girl.

Author David Hine shifts the focus to Hope in the upcoming storyline "Breaking Dark." The two part story follows Hope as she sets out on her own journey, following a trail of blood through her father's estate.  This leads her to a forest nearby where she finds a series of monsters inspires by her favorite fairy tales and the forces known as the Ancient Ones.  As Hope explores her new powers, she starts to wonder if she's the scariest creature in these woods.

More importantly, issue #112, the first issue of "Breaking Dark" is a great jumping on point for new readers looking to check out The Darkness.  The first few issues of the comic since Top Cow Rebirth have floated online for free from the publisher in various places.  I've started reading the book since it was relaunched and I've been able to jump in without any issues.  

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The Darkness #112 will be in stores and your favorite digital device on April 10th with part two of Hope's story in #113 in May.

What kind of creatures do you think that Hope will encounter in these deep, dark woods?


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