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Guns, moonshine, and monsters are what’s in store for The Dark & Bloody, an upcoming Vertigo series from writer Shawn Aldridge and artist Scott Godlewski. Debuting in February, the book is set in the backwoods of Kentucky and picks up with Iris Gentry, a war vet returning from Iraq to find some pretty limited options when it comes to feeding his family. He takes a page out of the Duke boys’ book and runs moonshine through the “dry” county with his former ranking officer. It turns out that these guys share crimes at home and abroad. During their combat days, Iris’ regiment got involved in something they shouldn’t have. Now there’s some deadly, otherworldly consequences coming and they’re looking for vengeance.

"The inspiration came from my own childhood in Kentucky, local folklore like the Bell Witch, and Southern Gothic fiction," stated Aldridge. "I tried to distill what I loved and feared growing up in and around the woods into this story. Granted I never made moonshine or had to protect my family from a demon hellbent on my death, that I created for the story."
"The Dark & Bloody is right in my wheelhouse, artistically. It's exciting to be working in the horror genre again and I think readers will really dig what we're doing," says Godlewski. 

If that isn’t enough to sell you on The Dark & Bloody, Tyler Crook is also doing the covers. He knows a bit about Southern horror as he’s the artist on Harrow County. You can check out the first cover above. Look for the first issue of The Dark & Bloody on February 10th, 2016.



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