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One thing about the Crow is that it keeps coming back. There were something like 4 or 5 movies, a failed TV show, and countless comics. IDW Publishing has been releasing a variety of mini-series featuring the spirit of vengeance and have just announced the next one beginning in March 2014 entitled The Crow: Pestilence. This new comic will mark the funny book debut of prose author Frank Bill with art by Drew Moss with Crow creator James O'Barr handling covers. The Crow: Pestilence picks up in the southwest with a brand new cast of characters diving into the deadly town of Juarez, Mexico.

“I’ve never seen lead characters take more brutally inventive abuse than the kind Frank Bill heaped on his characters in Crimes and Donnybrook. I’m excited to see Frank bring such a strong voice and visceral storytelling ability to comics, especially on something as well-suited to his skills as The Crow,” said Chris Ryall, IDW’s Chief Creative Officer/Editor-in-Chief. “It was great to find out that James O’Barr was equally intrigued by Frank’s work, comparing him to Jim Thompson and other literary greats.”
“I've always been a big fan of James O'Barr's The Crow and his artwork,” said Frank Bill, “so when I was offered the opportunity to write my own version, I was blown away. I wanted to place my best foot forward, I knew I had some big shoes to fill.”

The Crow has been flying over IDW Publishing since 2012 and has since had three separate mini-series including two by O'Barr himself. A reinvention of the original film is currently in production, dealing with an entirely separate storyline from the comic. The Crow comics have been somewhat hit-or-miss with me lately. There's not much to go on regarding Pestilence just yet but I'm curious to see what Frank Bill can bring to the character based on his previous work.










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