The Black Beetle CoverNot content with winning the Eisner Award for Best Cover Artist this year, Francesco Francavilla will be bringing the Black Beetle back to comics.  Published through Dark Horse Comics, the creator owned series will return this December with issue #0, collecting the three part story, Night Shift, that was originally published in Dark Horse Presents.  The issue will feature a brand new cover along with bonus sketch material and art.

Night Shift focuses on an ancient artifact called the Hollow Lizard that shows up in Colt City Natural City Museum.  This totem of dark magic is sought after by Hitler and his Werewolf Korps in the hope of unlocking the secrets of ancient Egypt's Black Priests.  The Black Beetle is here to put a stop to this Nazi threat.

In January, The Black Beetle: No Way Out hits comic stands, kicking off a four issue story which will be the first full series for the character.  The mini-series will continue the story that was started in the self-published, limited edition ashcan comic of the same name which was the first appearance of the character.

No Way Out has the Black Beetle investigating two local mob bosses when he's interuptted by a strange explosion that wipes out the criminals along with a pub full of their henchmen.  Although most of Colt City's organized crime was just wiped out, our hero needs to find out who would be behind such a deed.

Francavilla's The Black Beetle will also feature a letters page where fans can share their thoughts, comments, or questions with the man himself.  You can send these through email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Black Beetle sounds -- and looks -- awesome.  It's right up there with Lobster Johnson at first glance, which is totally OK with me considering how much I love that character.  Oh!  I hope they do a crossover eventually.  That would make my head explode.  I mean, just look at that cover.  How great is that?

What do you think of the upcoming Black Beetle comics?  Are you looking forward to some pulpy goodness?


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