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With the emphasis on true crime as of late, a graphic novel like Bender: The Complete Saga could not come at a better time. The comic from Michael and D.A. Frizell and Oghma Creative Media explores the true story of a family of serial killers who preyed on unwary travelers moving west in the wake of the Civil War. Here's the write-up from the publisher:

Outside the sleepy hamlet of Cherryvale, Kansas, the Bender Inn greets weary travelers. Kate Bender, an enchanting, effervescent beauty, is the Inn's mysterious proprietor. Single men, pockets stuffed with cash, line up to sit with this Venus of the plains and discuss their prospects for finding riches or starting a family. So beguiling is she, they never suspect her to be anything but genuine.

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When reports of disappearances along the Osage Trail mount, an investigation leads the U.S. Marshals to Cherryvale and the Bender Inn, only to find the property abandoned and livestock rotting in the field. The Benders have disappeared without a trace, leaving behind a dozen bodies in shallow graves--and parts of many others. Even more disturbing are the satanic runes carved into the slab under what the locals have dubbed "The Devil's Inn."

I was previously unfamiliar with the Benders, but now I'm very interested in hearing this story. The graphic novel is a culmination of the creators' love for the medium, the tales they entertained each other with growing up, and their desire to tell the stories of real people in extraordinary circumstances. Michael credits his fourth-grade teacher with planting the idea for the comic. She happened to be Fern Morrow Wood, the author of The Benders: Keepers of the Devil's Inn.

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“Our family moved from New Jersey to Cherryvale, Kansas in 1977, and I wasn’t adjusting well to the change,” the author said. “Ms. Wood noticed how morose – and bored – I was. She shared that I lived in a town where exciting, and often scary things, happened. She fired my imagination with tales of the Bender clan. I guess her stories stuck with me.”

Bender: The Complete Saga is set for release on September 19th, 2018. It will be available in hardcover for $34.99 and softcover for $24.99.

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