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First there was The First Days, then came Fighting to Survive and now Rhiannon Frater's "As the World Dies" zombie apocalypse trilogy comes to a close with Siege, due out on April 24th.

In Siege, fresh trouble begins when the town comes to the attention of a former Senator and the military men she's grown accustomed to commanding. Their shopping mall headquarters, packed with dispirited civilians, is surrounded by a growing mob of hungry zombies. The Senator covets Ashley Oaks' farmlands, its livestock, and its people-all keys to reclaiming her former power. She begins her campaign to take over the town by kidnapping two of its citizens. This doesn't go over well with the people of Ashley Oaks. It doesn't even go over well with all of the Senator's own staff… Before long, the zombies have broken into the mall, the place is on fire, and everyone is trying desperately to avoid being burned alive or eaten!

And that's just the beginning…

Packed with mayhem and destruction, yet driven by character and human interaction, and ending on a note of grace and beauty,
Siege is the nail-biting, spine-tingling conclusion to an amazing zombie trilogy.

Having enjoyed the first two novels in the series, I'm anxious to see how Frater wraps things up in this final installment.

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