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Th3rd World Studios has announced a new graphic novel from New York Times best-selling author Mike Raicht entitled The Pack: Volume 1.  Raicht is no stranger to the funny book biz with previous success from The Stuff of Legend and most recently with Wild Blue Yonder over at IDW Publishing.  The Pack looks to combine the nostalgia of a John Hughes film with some classic werewolf lore all wrapped up in a murder mystery.

"This is my attempt to combine my love of movies like Halloween, Friday the 13th, and The Howling (which I watched at much too young an age) with the classic teen angst movies like Pretty in Pink and Some Kind of Wonderful. Our artist, Daniel Faccilongo and the guys at Th3rd World have done an amazing and creepy job of channeling that era. I hope this gives everyone the feeling I had as a kid, secretly watching those horror movies on low volume in my living room so my mom wouldn't catch me."

The Pack: Volume 1 deals with the murder of the high school star football player, Brian Foster.  But who would want to kill him?  New kid in town, Greg Jordan has his theories.  But maybe the question isn't who killed Brian Foster, but what?  It looks like werewolves, kids.

The Pack: Volume 1 is currently available for pre-order for $16.99.  It will be released just in time for the Halloween season, so I'm betting that's October 30th which looks to be a busy date for fans of horror comics.

You can check out a preview of this upcoming graphic novel over at the Th3rd World Studios site.











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