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Monstrum developers announce Attack of the Earthlings

Studio: Team Junkfish
Available on: Steam
Release: Summer 2017

How many times have aliens tried to invade Earth? So. Many. Times. It's getting old. It's not even that great here. So, naturally, I was over the moon when I heard that independent studio Team Junkfish are working on something which flips the tables. They previously developed Monstrum, a survival horror that I was incredibly addicted to, and are now moving onto something a little more wacky with a science-fiction turn-based strategy: Attack of the Earthlings.

In Attack of the Earthlings, humans are invading a planet called Planet X13. Obviously there's a massive space drill involved, and humans are immediately trying to mine the planet for its resources. We're the worst. Luckily, you'll be in control of "the Swarmers", a "highly-aggressive insectoid species" that can convert human flesh into alien muscle and evolve their units. Humans, beware.

As Swarmers, you must stop the human invasion by planning your attacks, stealthily murdering prey from vents and lockers, and then eating their corpses to transform your brethren into new units with "specialised roles and unique abilities."

Team Junkfish's next game, planned for launch on Steam in late summer of 2017, is much more comedic than their previous all-out horror, and Simon Doyle, the studio's co-founder, has said that “Attack of the Earthlings has been a breath of fresh air for Junkfish. After two years working on a survival horror title, a pretty serious affair, the whole team wanted a chance to work on something we could inject a little silliness into.”

“We're all big fans of British comedies like “The IT Crowd” and “Father Ted” and wanted to try to bring a little of this love into our next project. At the same time, we were playing and enjoying other turn-based Strategy titles like “Invisible, Inc.” and “XCOM”, the idea to try a little alchemy with the two influences bubbled up pretty naturally.” This has resulted in turn-based combat and stealth gameplay, wrapped up in a darkly comedic single-player campaign.

Attack of the Earthlings is swarming onto Steam this summer, and you can keep up with the game's updates on their website, FacebookTwitter, and Steam page. Try not to drill for too much information – you never know what might be waiting for you.

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