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The last time I saw a stellar movie from Eastern Europe, it was the bootleg copy Night Watch. (Wait, wait, wait...I've since bought three copies of that damn movie. At the time the bootleg version was the only one available in the states. I was a Night Watch hipster. Don't judge.)

Now, that's not to say there haven't been any horror (or dark) films made since Night Watch (or as we Night Watch hipsters call it: Nochnoy dozor). I just haven't seen any. Hell, I have to struggle to remember if any have even hit my radar, until now, with Red Sea Media's upcoming release of Synevir 3D.

Being coined "the Ukrainian Big Foot", Alexander Alyoshechkin's  Synevir 3D is set Lake Synevir, a famous lake in the Carpathian mountains of Ukraine, and which is known for its rich history throughout hundreds of years as a place of mystical, unexplained events.  The film follows a group of skeptical students who decide to disregard the stories of strange creatures around the famous lake, and spend the weekend there.  They shouldn't have.  

Synevir 3D marks the highly anticipated directorial debut for Alyoshechkin, who also wrote the screenplay, and stars Sergei Romanyuk, E. Morozov and Igor Slavinsky.  The film is rumored for an early 2013 release, exact date to be announced soon, along with a trailer and first stills. Keep an eye here for updates!







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