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Stjepan Sejic is an amazing artist.  That's not an opinion.  That's just a fact.  The guy is incredibly talented, not to mention one of the fastest artists working in the comic industry today.  Seeing more of his work in print is definitely a good thing.  Fortunately, Top Cow Productions is set to do just that with the publication of Sejic's webcomic, Switch beginning in October.

If Switch looks a little familiar, you're not wrong.  The comic has a strong nod to the Top Cow franchise Witchblade and is described as that title mixed with the latest iteration of Batgirl.  It follows a teen girl trying to understand her strange new powers from a mysterious artifact.  The thing is, it might be haunted.  It sounds like it's a teenage version of Witchblade and even if that's all it was, I'd still want to check it out.  

I'm curious how this works with the overall Top Cow Universe.  It's not part of the official canon, right?  The press release promises surprise crossover characters, so I wonder who will be showing up.  Since it's a webcomic, I guess I could just look this up on the internet, huh?

The first issue of Switch is set to debut on October 14th and is currently available for pre-order using Diamond code AUG150506.  The Final Order Cutoff deadline is Monday, September 21st, so get your orders in soon.

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