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The web has produced a ton of great comics that never make it into print.  It has evolved to the point where they are made specifically for the digital space.  A relative new comer to the web comic space is Survivor Girl and unlike a big chunk of others in this area, it's not about video games.  Instead, it has set out to poke fun at the horror genre and so far it's doing a pretty good job.  

Created last year by Ingo Römling and Christopher Tauber, Survivor Girl follows Phoebe, the lone survivor of the Camp Haddonlake Massacre.  The man responsible for all that bloodshed is the masked, yet sensitive psycho killer Helmut.  Being that they were the only two people left at the camp, Phoebe and Helmut have struck up a bit of a friendship.  The first story arc dealt with the introduction of each character and led to the awkward situation of a girl sharing an apartment with a killer who just took out a bunch of people.  


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If all this sounds a little ridiculous, you're right.  This is a parody comic, after all.  It's supposed to be ridiculous.  Römling and Tauber look to the old MAD Magazine approach for inspiration, with nods to Jack Davis, Mort Drucker, and Dick DeBartolo.  Horror is their favorite genre so they're paying homage to it by sticking their tongue firmly in their cheeks.  

While the first story arc spoofed classic slasher flicks Halloween and Friday the 13th (not to mention several of their copy-cats), the second story arc that just began deals with a more classic creation.  An angry mob of villagers not unlike that in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein has stormed the home of Phoebe and Helmut.  Römling and Tauber have more tropes of the genre in store for future arcs including asian horror, zombies, and torture flicks.  They also promise that Phoebe and Helmut will soon be joined by a zombie called Stinky and film critic Robert Georginio.

New chapters of Survivor Girl are added every Tuesday at or in its native German at  There aren't a lot of them just yet so it's a quick read to catch up.  It should also be noted that the comic is NSFW and not just for the blood and gore.


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