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Sunglasses After Dark Gets a Re-Release




You can't throw a stake today without hitting a vampire, but that wasn't always the case.  Back in the 1990's, they were a bit more underground.  That was the case with Sonja Blue, the protagonist of Sunglasses After Dark, a mini-series from Nancy A. Collins with art by Stan Shaw.  The comic is set to be collected in a remastered hardcover this November by IDW Publishing.


Sunglasses After Dark follows Sonja Blue, a “tough-as-nails punk vampire / vampire slayer” who still possesses her soul and fights to keep what's left of her humanity, all while seeking revenge against the vampire that attacked her in the first place.  Although hunting down bloodsuckers might be dangerous enough, that's nothing compared to Blue's greatest foe, The Other, the demonic alter ego with which she is locked in constant battle for the body they both share.


The story first debuted as a novel by Collins in 1989 and went on to win a Bram Stoker Award.  The author then adapted it into a six-and-a-half issue comic book mini-series with artist Shaw.  The IDW version of the release will feature digitally re-colored artwork by Shaw, a complete re-lettering by Thomas Mauer, and some adjustments to dialog and narration by Collins.


"I am thrilled to finally see Sunglasses After Dark collected as a graphic novel,” said Collins. “The road was long, but the end result is something I am proud of. My collaborator, Stan Shaw, has outdone himself as both artist and colorist. I think fans of Sonja Blue will be pleased."


Sunglasses After Dark is a full-color, 212 page hardcover set for release in November.



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