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NorLights Press has recently released Christopher and Kathleen Fernandez-Vander Kaay's book The Anatomy of Fear: Conversations with Cult Horror and Science-Fiction Filmmakers. The book chock for of conversations from almost two dozen horror and science-fiction film writers and directors, filmmakers on the movie making process.
From the press release:
Why do we love scary movies?
What do horror films say about society and the human condition?
Who creates the frightening and fantastic images we love to fear?
During in-depth conversations with 21 horror and science-fiction film writers and directors, filmmakers Chris and Kathleen Vander Kaay find answers to these questions, along with the inside story on the inspiration, creation, and behind-the-scenes experiences of box office blockbusters.
Horror movies have a shady reputation because of their flaws and eccentricities. Horror wants us to laugh when we’re uncomfortable, keep looking when we want to turn away, and live with a total lack of happy endings. Perhaps that’s why we respect these films as a subculture. And because no one expects horror films to toe the line, they get to flirt with madness and imperfection while making the most interesting, controversial observations.
That’s why this book exists. Part of the subject matter in horror films is blunt and graphic and doesn’t need further illumination. Other parts are brave, transgressive, explorative, and restless. While exploring these themes with 21 artists, Chris and Kathleen Vander Kaay uncover a surprisingly honest appraisal of the human psyche.
The Anatomy of Fear is essential reading for every horror movie buff!  
Featuring Interviews with 
John Bruno
Jeff Burr
Stephen Chiodo
Tom Eberhardt
Larry Fessenden
Alec Gillis
Tom Holland
Eric Luke 
William Malone
Jim Mickle
Glen Morgan
Lance Mungia
William F. Nolan
J.T. Petty
Eric Red
Eduardo Sanchez
Jack Sholder
George Sluizer
Ethan Wiley
From the Authors:   
The films discussed in this book were not chosen because of their box-office success, cult popularity, or the number of critics who sing their praises.  They made the cut for this book because, quite simply, they’re worth talking about.  All the films, and the discussions with films’ makers, have something to say about society, religion, sex, death, and the universal fears that connect us to each other in a fundamental way that no language or common interest ever could. 
This book is not about the films, exactly; it’s about the conversations those films create.  Anyone who loves cinema in any form or genre knows the feeling of excitement that comes with experiencing a great film; the anticipation of discussing it with other like-minded people, of adding to a great conversation started by a talented filmmaker.
Our hope for this book is that it will continue that conversation with new generations of film fans, well past the time when the movie played on theater screens; and that it will influence people’s opinions of why films are made, what they’re saying, and why they’re such an important medium in modern society. And, because we wouldn’t want you to get bored with fancy speeches and artistic intent, we discuss the blood and guts as well.  After all, that’s probably why you’re holding this book.
You can pick up your copy now in print or ebook format by clicking one of the covers below.


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