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A few months back DC Comics announced plans to reboot and revitalize a number of old Hanna-Barbera properties.  Of note for horror fans were Scooby Doo, rebranded as Scooby Apocalypse and Wacky Races, changed to Wacky Raceland.  The former is filled with monsters and the latter looks like Mad Max.  This weekend at Wondercon, the publisher showed off some further peeks at both projects (along with Future Quest and The Flintstones, also getting makeovers) which you can check out below.

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Scooby Apocalypse is set to debut on May 25th from co-writers Keith Giffen and JM Dematteis and artist Howard Porter.  So far we've seen some variant covers from the likes of Howard Porter and Neal Adams, not to mention the cover by Jim Lee.  Take a look at that Mystery Machine.  That is ready to kick all kinds of ass.

Wacky Raceland hasn't received an official release date just yet, however DC Comics has unveiled some covers and new looks for Penelope Pitstop and the Compact Pusscat.  They look pretty cool, I have to say.

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I'm still not entirely sold on these new concepts.  When was the last time anyone cared about Scooby Doo or any of these properties?  Let me rephrase that question.  When was the last time anyone under 40 mentioned Scooby Doo?  Plus, if you put those characters in a world with actual monsters, doesn't that take away from the main backbone of that series?  It can't be a guy in a mask if the Scooby Gang is fighting literal monsters.



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