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Skin Crawling Comics, an upcoming horror-theme comic book anthology, has released a short story as a preview of things to come.  Hoard, written by editor Rachel Pandich and illustrated by Ashley Lanni, is available to readers as a free download now from Fanboy Comics.  The short story shows “the truly horrific side of hoarding as the obsessive-compulsive disorder can sometimes consume you whole...literally.”  Hoard is just one of many creepy shorts this 180 page collection will offer.  

The indie publisher is currently running an Indiegogo campaign through September 13th, to raise funds to release this creator-owned project.  Perks include physical copies of the book, commissioned artwork, writer's workshops, and tickets to Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando, Florida.  The modest goal is set at $18,000 which would fund the aforementioned perks as well as an initial print run of 1,000 copies of the anthology, currently slated for release in March 2014.

Anthologies are, in many ways, the back bone of current horror comics.  If the likes of Tales from the Crypt and Creepy didn't pave the way, current spooky books would have a much harder time finding traction.  After reading through Hoard, it's safe to say that Skin Crawling Comics is a worthy anthology title and definitely one to check out.  Take a spin through their Indiegogo campaign and at the very least, check out Hoard.  It's a free download and a chilling read.  I seriously need to throw some of my stuff out after finishing that story.










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