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Last week I gathered with a group of other journalists and industry people to watch three groups of young people be tortured. We gathered in a dimly-lit basement and witnessed the cruelty dealt out to the unsuspecting twenty-somethings.


This wasn't anything as nefarious as a Hostel scenario, but it may as well have been. Not a drop of blood was spilled (except on screen), but the assembled teams in the final of Shortcuts to Hell were subjected to a test of mental endurance as they waited patiently to find out who would be crowned the winner of the contest and go on to get a cash injection of at least £20,000 from Wildseed Sudios and Horror Channel to develop their short into a feature. Like some bizarre X-Factor final, the crowd was there to count down the final two-hours of voting on the best talent the UK short film-making community has to offer, a process that had kicked off some two months earlier. And it was a bit of a nail-biter. Two of the three shorts - Michael Down's All Inclusive and Joe & Lloyd Staszkiewicz's Hubert's Ghost - took a commanding lead and jostled for position on the run up to 9pm. When the clock struck nine, the votes were counted and by a lead of just 18 the spoils went to Hubert's Ghost.



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Lloyd Staszkiewicz (pictured above) said: "It's amazing to have won this competition. It's been a tough experience, going through the public vote, but Joe and I have learned a lot during the process. We're certainly more ready now to make the movie than we were before". As well as the funding to develop the feature, Lloyd and Joe will get UK digital distribution for the film, its world premiere at Film4 FrightFest 2015, and a broadcast premiere on Horror Channel.


John Shackleton, Joint Managing Director of Movie Mogul added: "It is truly exciting to be able to offer this remarkable opportunity to such talented newcomers who have proven their ability and worth on every level throughout this competition. We can't wait to work with them and look forward to presenting their films to you in 2015!"


Check out the three finalists below and see if you would have given your vote to the winner. If not, make sure you keep up to date and make your vote in the inevitable Shortcuts to Hell 3.












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