Friday, December 15th, saw Stephanie M. Wytovich's latest poetry collection, Sheet Music to My Acoustic Nightmare, hit the shelves. In Gabino's review of her collectin, Brothel, he said, "Poetry is very often concerned with inaccessibility and unnecessary linguistic theatrics, but Wytovich’s work occupies the opposite side of the spectrum: this is poetry about sex, murder, pain, survival, and shattering preconceived notions of femininity, womanhood, oppression, and sensuality." I don't doubt there's more of that to look forward to here.

The book comes from the great folks at Raw Dog Screaming Press. Make sure to pick up a copy using one of the links below.

A beautiful poetry collection from Bram Stoker Award winning poet and author Stephanie Wytovich released Dec. 15 from Raw Dog Screaming Press just in time for holiday shopping. This new collection of poetry, called Sheet Music to My Acoustic Nightmare, has already been described as heart-breaking, raw, and honest.


"Sheet Music to My Acoustic Nightmare was inspired by road trips and sleeping in abandoned buildings, suicides and falling in love," Wytovich said. "I wrote this collection while reflecting on some of my less favorite moments in life, and to me, this collection is very different from my other books because it's not driven by speculative elements."


Themes collected and reflected on in this collection are abuse, suicides, heartbreaks, regret, apologies, and trauma. Readers will be able to travel along the actual roads that Wytovich has taken in her life through her elegant use of words.


"Sure, there are heavy doses of horror and dark fantasy, but they're interspersed inside a collection that has become a confessional dirge," Wytovich continued. "It's my funeral song to my past and my prayer for a better future. Essentially, if anyone wanted to meet my ghosts, they'll be sure to find them here."


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