Shadow Hunters CoverCreator and writer Jason Dube is teaming up with director Wolfgang Meyer (Model Hunger, Disciples) and producer Stacy Pippi Hammon (The Viscera Film Festival) to bring Shadow Hunters to the big screen in a feature-length, live-action film.  The announcement was made in September at Miss Misery's Days of Terror horror convention in Sacramento, CA.  Meyer is currently writing the script with input from Dube.  

Shadow Hunters centers on three teenagers, out for revenge against a demon.  Each of them  have supernatural powers.  Jessika's a werewolf.  Jenna's a vampire.  Renae's a witch.  They're not the monsters though.  They're the heroes.  

"I am so excited to have Wolfgang developing my Shadow Hunters comic book universe." says Dube. "The first time talking to him I immediately felt his excitement for the project and could tell he had a passion to create a film that stayed both truthful to the comic book base at the same time take it in a more in-depth direction that you can only do with film. I feel my creation is in good hands.”

I haven't read Shadow Hunters yet, but I'm intrigued by the story.  The fact that the central cast is made up of women is a good thing.  Girls can kick ass too.  We need more stories where they fight the bad guys.  We'll keep you posted on news of the Shadow Hunters film as it develops.


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