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Our friends at Shout! Factory have just announced their new collection of Scream Factory titles and while fans will rejoice, I feel sorry for my wallet because these guys are not messing around.


In addition to the recently listed Night of the Comet, The Horror Show, John Carpenter's Body Bags, The Beast Within and Crawlspace, we can now look forward to seven new titles.


Night Breed The Cabal Cut Cover

Let's kick things off with the biggest surprise, the much anticipated NIGHTBREED: The Cabal Cut. Clive Barker's epic tale resotred to his original vision with almost an hour of deleted material receives the royal Blu treatment in 2014 and after 24 years, I cannot wait any longer!


Assault On Precinct 13 Cover

JOHN CARPENTER’S ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 (Collector’s Edition) – The original classic siege thriller is intensified further with all-new ‘Scream’-produced extras. (Nov 2013)


Eve Of Destruction Cover

EVE OF DESTRUCTION – The 1991 Gregory Hines android-gone-amok sci-fi thriller hits Blu and anamorphic widescreen for the first time.


Saturn 3 Cover

SATURN 3 – This post-Alien 1980 Kirk Douglas and Farrah Fawcett vs. Evil Robot flick gets a considerable upgrade to Blu-ray for the first time. New extras planned. (Dec 2013)


Darkman Cover

DARKMAN (Collector’s Edition) – The 1990 Sam Raimi cult classic gets the full on ‘Scream’ treatment with all new extras. (Dec 2013)


Are You In The House Alone Initiation Of Sarah Cover

SCREAM FACTORY “TV TERRORS” – Two made-for-TV movies – 1978’s THE INITIATION OF SARAH and ARE YOU IN THE HOUSE ALONE? – will be packaged together on DVD for the first time at a good price. Fans have been asking us if we could exploit more of this made-for TV content so consider this an “experiment”. If this sells well, we would love to look into bringing you a “Volume 2”. (Dec 2013)


Cat People Cover

CAT PEOPLE (Collector’s Edition) – The 1982 feline flick (with Nastassja Kinski, sex, violence and a great David Bowie single) arrives on Blu for the first time with all-new extras (2014.)

They promise they still have more tricks up our sleeves for 2014 and are working feverishly on trying to close deals so that they can announce more favorites soon!


Currently available for pre-order:


The Amityville Horror Trilogy Cover
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Dark Angel Cover
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Day Of The Dead Cover
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The Fog Cover
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The Incredible Melting Man Cover
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Prince Of Darkness Cover
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Psycho Ii Cover
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Psycho Iii Cover
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Q The Winged Serpent Cover
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Scanners Ii Scanners Iii Double Feature Cover
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Swamp Thing Cover
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The Vincent Price Collection Cover
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X Ray Schizoid Double Feature Cover
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