Many of you are aware that the fine folks at Shout! Factory have started releasing retro-horror form the 1970s and 1980s under their Scream Factory banner. The first five titles released were special edition Blu-rays and DVDs of Halloween II, Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Terror Train, The Funhouse and They Live. In the next few weeks (December 11, 2012), horror fans will be treated to the Blu-ray / DVD combo releases of Death Valley and The Island (Michael Caine, not Michael Bay). This is the first time either of these titles has been released on disc and they both look fantastic (watch for my reviews coming soon).

Scream Factory has been steadily leaking titles announcements on their Facebook page for their 2013 lineup and it looks like they have every intention of punishing the wallets of genre fans without mercy. Starting on January 22nd with the release of Wes Craven’s Deadly Blessing and followed by The Nest, Renny Harlin’s Prison, and the double feature Terror Vision/ The Video Dead all on February 19th.


Additional titles that have been announced (without street dates or any specifics) include the following mouth-watering list: From Beyond, Phantasm II, Vampire Lovers, Town that Dreaded Sundown, The Evictors, The Incredible Melting Man, X-ray (aka Hospital Massacre), Schizoid, The Godsend, Scanners II, Scanners III, The Horror Show, The Vagrant, The Fog, The Howling, Lifeforce, Night of the Comet, The Burning and Day of the Dead!



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Thank you Shout! Factory. Keep 'em coming!

Check back for more info as it becomes available... and take a moment to post in the comments section below what titles you would like to see released in 2013.


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