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Phase 4 Films has announced the May 1st video-on-demand (VOD) world premiere of Scary or Die on Comcast, Cox, Insight and Cablevision.  Written by Michael Emanuel and Bob Badway and directed by Michael Emanuel, Igor Meglic and Bob Badway, the film stars Corbin Bleu (the High School Musical trilogy, Galaxy Quest) and Bill Oberst Jr. (A Haunting in Salem, Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies). This will be Bleu's first role in a horror film.

After five strangers attempt to escape a horrifying fate, one is mauled by a flesh eating clown. Infected by the maiming, Emmet succumbs to a terrifying metamorphosis. As his body begins to change, so do his desires, placing the lives of his friends and family in jeopardy.

"I've always been a horror fan! I feel people experience sadness or joy for different reasons, but when a terrifying clown stares you down we can all agree fear is the only thing coursing through your veins,” said Corbin Bleu. “The best part of this project was getting to look in the mirror and see that clown staring back at me, except I was in control of him.”

“I hope Scary or Die gives a whole new generation some wicked fun and a few nightmares,” said Bill Oberst Jr.

Check your local provider for more information on availability.


I'm pretty sure that's Pogo the Clown in the trailer.


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