IDW Publishing has announced a new four issue mini-series set in the Mars Attacks universe entitled First Born.  Chris Ryall and Sam Kieth are lined up for the creative team behind the new comic set to debut in May that tells the story of a Martian infant left behind on Earth after the invasion.  Was she left on the planet on purpose or by accident?  The book asks if nature versus nurture applies to horrible invaders from Mars.  Also, giant bugs!


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“This series is a multi-tiered love letter,” said series writer and IDW Chief Creative Officer/Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall. “Every page shows not only the love Sam and I have for Mars Attacks, but also wild science-fiction tales from the past, the sorts of things Wally Wood drew in the pages of Weird Science-Fantasy and other EC Comics. Our adoration of Wally’s work is front and center in this series, but it’s also a great next move for Sam and I after the working relationship we developed on The Hollows. And it surely gives Mars Attacks fans something special, in addition to also giving them some of the wanton carnage and gallows humor they’ve come to expect.”

Mars Attacks: First Born is co-plotted by Ryall and Kieth.  The latter will also be handling interior art and covers.  Artist Loston Wallace will be providing variant covers for the comic in an homage to Wally Wood's work on classic EC Comics.

The first issue of Mars Attacks: First Born will be available at your local comic shop and digitally in May 2014.










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