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Sabbath: All Your Sins Reborn Gets a Reboot




Way back in 2002, first-time creator and writer Matthew Tomao hit the comic book industry with Sabbath: All Your Sins Reborn, with the book selling out in record time.  The comic followed a teen orphan named Hexen Sabbath, raised by the Seven Deadly Sins to become mankind's “most prolific genocidal murderer.”  Hexen later begins to hunt down the Sins in a quest for revenge and redemption.  When the series left off, four of the seven had been vanquished.  Now it's time for him to finish the job.


Ardden Entertainment Publisher Brendan Deneen and Stealth Pictures President Carey Fox have teamed up with Tomao to continue Hexen's story in a relaunch of Sabbath: All Your Sins Reborn, due out in September.  In addition to this, Fox has written an original screenplay telling the anti-hero's origin story.  Deneen and Fox will produce the film.


Sabbath: All Your Sins Reborn #1 is currently slated for release on September 24th, 2014.  It is currently available for pre-order.











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