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I get a lot of press releases about various funny books in my inbox here at HorrorTalk. They all try to get your attention with a snappy headline. Few do it successfully. Then there's Rex, Zombie Killer which comes in with “The Gorilla with a Baseball Bat Returns!” How can you not read that?

Rex, Zombie Killer was a one shot comic released from Big Dog Ink in April 2012. Written by Rob Anderson and illustrated by Dafu Yu, the book followed the title character, a hyper-intelligent Golden Retriever, as he searched for the doctor that cared for him in a world where the dead now walk the earth. Joining him in this quest are a couple more dogs, a cat, and the aforementioned gorilla with a baseball bat. The one shot was a lot of fun and I was hoping to see more from this team. Fortunately, I'm getting my wish as Rex will be returning with a bi-monthly four issue mini-series kicking off this October.

"It's going to be dogs versus apes versus zombies in the first issue...and then things are going to get REALLY crazy from there," said writer Rob Anderson.

Issue #1 picks up where the one shot left off, but fans don't need to have read it in order to enjoy the new mini-series.

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"Rex is trying to reach the doctor who raised him, but the doctor's been relocated to an underground military bunker in Nevada," Anderson said. "So even if they make it across a zombie-infested California, there's not necessarily a cozy fireplace waiting for them."

"We're extremely pleased to have Rex, Zombie Killer back on the stands," said Big Dog Ink Publisher Tom Hutchinson. "The double-sized one-shot received acclaim from both horror and comics outlets, and fans have been asking for more, so here it comes!"

The first issue of Rex, Zombie Killer will again feature the writing of Rob Anderson and the interior and cover art of Dafu Yu. It will be available at your local comic shop on October 30th, 2013 and will retail for $3.50. Since this is a new book from a small publisher, I highly suggest you pre-order your copy. These comics live and die based on the pre-orders so let your shop know that you want one because where else are you going to see a gorilla fight zombies?

As mentioned earlier, I was a fan of the one shot of Rex, Zombie Killer, so I'm excited to see what's next for these animals. One of the main issues that I had with the book was how eerily human the gorilla Kenji looked. Judging from the preview pages above, Dafu Yu has adjusted his design for the character which makes it less creepy for me. Now to watch him bash in some undead skulls!


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