Resident Evil Revelations 2 has begun. Capcom has released the first of four digital episodes for the latest chapter in the survival horror franchise on Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Steam. This time around the gameplay is split between four characters: Claire Redfield, Moira Burton, her father, Barry Burton, and newcomer Natalia Korda.


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The story begins with Claire, a survivor of the Raccoon City incident seen in previous Resident Evil games, working for a bio-terrorisom organization called Terra Save. She and Moira are attending a company party when unknown armed forces storm the office, capture them, and take them to a dark and abandoned detention facility on a mysterious island. Now Barry is searching for his daughter with the help of strange little girl Natalia who has the ability to sense enemies and hidden items (where was she when I was playing the first few Resident Evil games?) Players will need to alternate between characters, using each of their unique skills to survive the island and rescue Claire and Moira. Oh, and there are terrifying enemies lurking around every corner. It wasn't going to be that easy.


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New episodes of Resident Evil Revelations 2 will drop each week and will retail for $5.99. A season pass is available for $24.99 that will include all four main episodes and two additional spin-offs that focus on the side stories of the two new characters (Moira and Natalia) as well as an additional Raid mode character called Hunk. A retail disc version will also be available on May 17th, 2015, coinciding with the digital release of the fourth and final chapter, retailing for $39.99. That includes everything in the season pass plus Albert Wesker as a Raid mode character, four alternate costumes (one for each main character) and the Raid mode "Throwback Map Pack" featuring four stages from recent Resident Evil titles. Choose wisely.


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