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Red City Brings the Noir to Mars



Picture your favorite crime noir story.  Now take the whole set up and move it to Mars.  Cool idea, right?  That's the basic premise behind Red City, a new four issue mini-series coming this June from Image Comics.  Written by Daniel Corey and illustrated by Mark Dos Santos, the comic aims to put a new spin on American crime noir with political conspiracy and rival alien mobs. Femme fatales and hard-boiled heroics meet classic science fiction.

Following a system-wide civil war, hard-nosed interplanetary investigator Cal Talmage picks up what should be a simple case: find a missing ambassador’s daughter in Mars Central City.  Everything is business as usual at first but an experienced vet like Cal knows when trouble is brewing.  No specifics are given on the kind of trouble, but Talmage also has to deal with a corrupt mayor and the lives of an entire race at stake, not to mention the girl in danger.  No pressure or anything.  There are some tough choices ahead of him, but no one comes out clean in this town.
“You might say Red City is like L.A. Confidential on Mars,” said Corey. “Ellroy and Chandler shaking hands with Bradbury. We’ve got a likable-but-troubled cop who tackles a complex case in the midst of a vast criminal conspiracy, and it happens to take place on Mars. The really exciting thing is that we’re building an entire world, and the art of Mark Dos Santos brings a retro-futuristic vibe that will make Red City the most dangerous place in the New Solar System.”
Red City #1 will be in stores on June 11th.











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