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Way back in August 2011 at the Frightfest weekend, one of the talking points was the Hebrew horror Rabies that played the Discovery Screen. Its two screenings over the weekend were packed out and those that saw it spoke incredibly highly of this unlikely creation; the first Israeli slasher movie. When the smaller genre films get such a good reaction at the UK's biggest genre festival, a DVD release is never usually far off. But for Rabies... nothing.


Thankfully, the UK's Soda Pictures has picked up Rabies for distribution and a 22nd April 2013 release on DVD is on the cards. Read on for the official info on the film.


A psychotic serial killer on the loose in the woods crosses paths with a group of unsuspecting teenagers. Soon people are dying one by one... but the bad guy isn't who you'd think.

Turning genre conventions on their head with a smart script, plenty of unexpected scares and a massive helping of bloody mayhem, RABIES thoroughly earns its mantle as one of the best slasher films of recent years.

The first horror film ever produced in Israel, RABIES was such a success at the renowned Film4 Frightfest festival in London that unprecedented extra screenings were added due to demand.

The film finally makes its long-awaited UK DVD debut heaving with an array of UK-exclusive bonus features, including a brand new directors' commentary:

  • Feature-length directors' commentary
  • The Making Of Rabies: interviews with cast and crew (18 mins)
  • Film4 Frightfest interview with the directors (15 mins)
  • UK and international trailers
  • Trailers for other Soda Horror titles










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