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We get a ton of Kickstarter requests at HorrorTalk.  Everyone is looking to fund their independent movie, web series, novel, puppet theater, or video game.  Rarely do we get a press release from someone that has already completed their funding and is just looking to get the word out.  That's the case with R.E.M., a new original graphic novel from creator Ryan Colucci, set to debut at New York Comic Con this year.  

The 176 page hardcover illustrated by Zsombor Huska, follows Michael Letto, a “brilliant but paranoid neuroscientist” who's lived behind closed doors after his first and only love died.  Since then, he's become obsessed with solving the mystery of sleep.  Michael creates a chair based on the principles of yoga that gives him the ability to attain a full night's sleep within a few minutes.  His theories are noticed by the military and a religious sect that want to use his research to reach enlightenment.  

Creator / writer Colucci describes R.E.M. as “a science fiction tale wrapped into a film noir. At it’s core, R.E.M. is really a love story.  But it’s definitely not your typical kind of love story.”  

The graphic novel came from his own research into sleep.  “Ever since I was a child, I have always hated going to sleep.  I couldn’t understand why we were wasting these hours that we could be doing other, fun things.  So I started to search for this thing.  When people would find out what I was researching they would always say how interesting it was and that it would make a great story/movie.  But I always wrote them off, because for me it was real life.  It was something I was striving for. “

The Kickstarter campaign was intended to cover printing costs.  The other expenses were already paid, but creating a physical copy of the book was something that Colucci couldn't afford.  The campaign more than doubled it's $7,000 goal.  


Colucci first came on my radar with his previous comic, Harbor Moon.  It was an interesting werewolf story that was hurt by lackluster art.  This does not seem to be the case with R.E.M. because the preview pages on the site with Huksa's artwork look pretty stellar.

If you're interested in checking out R.E.M., you can read a whopping 30 page preview at the comic's official site.  Also available on the site is a short film that serves as a prequel to the story.  Look for R.E.M. at NYCC this year.









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