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All good things must come to an end, even puppets. Action Lab: Danger Zone has announced the finale to its Puppet Master comic series with Curtain Call. Debuting in October, the comic features the final showdown between the puppets of Andre Toulon and the demon god Anapa and his evil puppets. The poor guests at the Bodega Bay Inn are caught in the middle. Puppet Master: Curtain Call is written by Shawn Gabborin, illustrated by Daniel J. Logan, and colored by Yann Perrelet.

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The comic is based on the Full Moon Entertainment series of films by the same name, following a group of killer puppets who must bend to their master's will, even if it goes against the essence of the soul trapped in each of them.

Although Puppet Master: Curtain Call serves as a wrap-up to the ongoing series, it is also new-reader friendly. The publisher describes it as “a love letter to '90s horror with over-the-top action, blood kills, and a crazy cast of characters.”

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Writer Shawn Gabborin comments, "I’d like to think that new readers would find a fun, sometimes brutal, horror comic about killer puppets that they could really invest in. Whereas people who have read the Puppet Master ongoing series or know the films will hopefully feel a sense of completion. This story wraps up everything I’ve set in motion, as well as closing out a few items from the film franchise."

Gabborin also talks about his overall experience working on the series: “Puppet Master has been a dream project. I grew up on the Puppet Master movies, and credit them as some of the films that helped make me a horror fan in the first place. So it has been amazing to give back to this franchise." He goes on to say, "Puppet Master: Curtain Call is the endgame I’ve been building toward since Puppet Master #1. Hopefully it’s as satisfying for the fans to read as it was for me to write!”

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Puppet Master: Curtain Call #1 is set for release on October 18th, 2017. It will feature five different covers, including work from Daniel J. Logan, Yann Perrelet, Kelly Williams, Robert Hack, Andrew Magnum, and Gene Jimenenz.

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