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NARR8, the interactive motion comics app, has added to their library with the horror series, Prime Blood. The story focuses on Jane, a young med student with veins filled with the stuff that drives the undead wild. Vampires and werewolves can hardly control themselves when she's nearby, hoping to get a taste of her life juice. The company calls it “True Blood meets Blade with a touch of Underworld” and I'm inclined to agree.

As with other NARR8 funny books, Prime Blood is a motion comic that includes animation, soundtracks, and sound effects. A new chapter will be released each week, each lasting 10-20 minutes long. NARR8 now has 21 titles within their library.


“When we were creating the Prime Blood series, our team was inspired by artists like Marc Silvestri, David Fincher and the Hanuka brothers. As a result we ended up with a ‘noir comic,’ something very ominous and captivating. The first episode will be a surprise for NARR8 readers, as it is nearly twice as long as any other episode in the NARR8 library. We did this purposely — we wanted maximum immersion from the very start,” said Arthur Lee, NARR8 Motion Comics Department Head.

NARR8 is currently available as a free download on iPad, Amazon Kindle Fire, and Android phones and devices. A version for Windows tablets and the iPhone is on its way later this year.

I've been really iffy on motion comics, but Prime Blood might win me over. Usually the animation is very stiff, making the product look like a half-assed cartoon. NARR8 seems to be trying to raise the bar in the motion comics world so I'm interested in seeing how this pans out.

What do you think of Prime Blood and the ever-increasing world of motion comics?


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