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It's been announced that Martyrs director Pascal Laugier will be at this year's Film4 FrightFest Halloween event presenting the UK premiere of his new film The Tall Man, which will screen at 11.45pm followed by a Q & A session.

Frightfest Halloween All Nighter 2012 Tall Man SmallFrom the press release:
Pascal said today: "Showing Martyrs at FrightFest in 2008 remains one of my best memories. I was insulted by bikers and other big guys covered with horror tattoos just because my movie had shocked them. Wow!!! I'm so proud of that!!! The Tall Man won't provoke these extreme reactions, I'm sure. It's a much less radical film, but still a very special and personal one though. So I'm totally excited to be coming back to Leicester Square - thanks to my dear friends at FrightFest".

Our latest entry into the line-up is the world premiere of Andrew Goth's
Gallowwalkers. Sergio Leone's Spaghetti Westerns meets Alejandro Jodorowsky's mystical cult classic El Topo for the ultimate cowboy zombie mash-up. Starring Wesley Snipes and Kevin Howarth, this is the controversial horror you never thought would ever see the light of day. Prepare for surreal true grit, a shock bonanza and a fistful of corpses

Another first for the UK will be an exclusive presentation of
P is for Pressure, Simon Rumley's disturbing contribution to The ABC's of Death, which is set for a Spring 2013 UK release. Alongside Rumley, three other Brit directors feature; Ben Wheatley (U is for Unearthed), Jake West (S is for Speed) and Lee Hardcastle (T is for Toilet). Rumley will be there to intro the film.

Also, as is the custom at FrightFest events, there will be surprise guests, sneak clip reveals and plenty of giveaways.

Tickets for the London event are £50 and to book them call 08712 240 240 or purchase online at

For more details of FrightFest regional screenings (taking place on Saturday 3rd November) visit

Note: Regional venues will not be playing all of the titles screening at the London event, so please check local listings.

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