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Our friends at Olive Films have announced an impressive slate of genre titles being released this month. There’s something for everyone including a forgotten slasher film, an underwater monster movie and some science fiction horrors for good measure.

On May 19th, the following titles will make the jump to Hi-Def as they make their first appearance on the Blu-ray format.

Satan’s Blade (1984) is a tale of demonic possession that begins when a mountain resort is terrorized by a vengeful spirit. When a local resident falls under the control of the malicious presence, he begins terrorizing the patrons of a local ski lodge.

It! The Terror Beyond Space (1958) is the classic sci/fi monster movie that has inspired countless filmmakers over the past five decades. When the first manned mission to Mars is decimated by unknown forces, a rescue ship is sent to figure out what happened. The terror begins when the horrifying creature responsible for the destruction stows away on the arriving vessel. Starring Marshall Thompson (The Clock) and Shirley Patterson (The Land Unknown).

Peter Benchley’s: Creature (1998) tells the story of a small island community being terrorized by a giant shark-like creature. The abandoned military base may have something to do with this, but the citizens led by marine biologists Craig T. Nelson (Poltergeist) and Kim Cattral (Porky’s) are the ones that will be forced to fight for survival. The TV mini-series makes its hi-def debut later this month!

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A trio of DVD releases follows on May 26th, 2015, including:

Zombies from Outer Space (2012) – The police are working to solve a series of murders in a small Bavarian village in the 1950s. Reports of various UFO sightings lead to the arrival of the military who investigate the possibility of alien invasion. What follows is a nightmare that no one expects once the dead rise and begin walking a foreign planet… Earth! Judith Gorgass (Room 67) and Florian Kiml (Don’t Kiss Me Twice) star in this weird flick inspired by the classic monster movies of days gone by. This is a German language film with English subtitles.

Drawn in Blood (2006) – Marian travels to Berlin to put a deceased relative’s affairs in order, but discovers a mystery suggesting something darker is happening. Starring Anna Fin (Fatal Rescue), Tim Williams (Valkyrie) and David Van Husen (Nosferatu the Vampire).

Beyond Remedy (2009) – Rick Yune (Ninja Assassin) stars in this haunting thriller about an international group of med students taking part in a seminar on fear, with mixed results. Directed by Gerhard Hross (Possession), this medical slasher film will keep audiences involved until the thrilling conclusion.

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