Just in case you've been living under a rock for the past few years, Image Comics knows a thing or two about publishing some great funny books.  There are a ton of talented creators pumping out comics on the regular over there in the creator-owned corner of the industry.  This month will see the beginnings of new story arcs for a number of these titles that are right up our alley here at HorrorTalk.  Check them out below.

Black Science 00

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First up is Black Science, the stellar sci-fi series from writer Rick Remender, artist Matteo Scalera, and colorist Moreno Denisio, returning on November 4th with issue #17.  Anarchist scientist Grant McKay can travel to any possible universe with the help of The Pillar, but it's never been a safe endeavor for him.  He's faced danger at every turn and death is stalking his friends, family, and colleagues.  The Anarchist League of Scientists now has just two goals: Clean up the Eververse and get home.  Issue #17 invites readers to join the Dimensionauts in a psychedelic journey of the soul.  Remender promises this is the “most imaginative arc yet” which is saying something considering how insane the book has been up to this point.  

Birthright 00

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November 11th sees the release of Birthright #11 from writer Joshua Williamson and artist Andrei Bressan, showing a pivotal moment in Mikey's life: His confrontation with the Pale Rider.  The book has been a solid read so far, playing with traditional fantasy and adventure concepts and featuring the real world ramifications of these situations.  Mikey disappeared as a child which tore his family apart.  One year later he returns to our world, but he's a grown man with a dark secret and a hidden agenda.  The cover is a nice nod to the first issue as well.  Oh, did I mention that it's oversized?  Still not convinced?  To quote Williamson “...two words...DRAGON. RIDERS.”

Wayward 00

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Next up is Wayward from writer Jim Zub and artists Steven Cummings and Tamra Bonvillain.  Rori Lane is still getting used to her life in Japan, but at least now she has some friends...and they all have super powers of some sort.  They're going to need them as they're fighting the deadly supernatural forces of Japanese folklore.  Issue #11 is set for release on November 18th and features the new gods of Japan rising in Tokyo.  Will the old myths survive this new world?  As a special treat for this story arc, readers that pick up all five issues will find that the covers interlock to create a panorama illustration.

Pretty Deadly 00

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November 18th also sees the long awaited release of Pretty Deadly #6 from writer Kelly Sue Deconnick and artist Emma Rios.  Vengeful reaper Death-Faced Ginny ushered in a new cycle with the help of a handful of archetypal figures, all deeply intertwined in her origins.  Now the survivors of the battle against Death enter a new century, where they face fresh violence and the horrors of war.  Rios says “If you expected violence in the far west, prepare for the trenches.”

Outcast 00

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Finally the third arc of Outcast from writer Robert Kirkman and artist Paul Azaceta begins on November 25th.  Kyle Barnes is still piecing together clues about his strange abilities regarding demon possession.  He finally has a sense of purpose, but also a growing concern for his partner Reverend Anderson.  Issue #13 sees Kyle face his most emotional exorcism yet as he learns more about his abilities and what's going on around him.  This has been a slow burn of a book, but totally worth it.  It's best to get in now as the book is coming to TV soon.  Catch up so you can look smarter than your friends.

I can't tell you to pick one of these titles.  They're all solid and well worth your time and money.  You can't go wrong with any of them, so rest assured that you're picking up some quality comics.  Check them out this month and then thank me later....hey!  Thanksgiving!  Perfect segue!

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