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I've said it once, I'll say it a thousand times.  Even in death, Hellboy is just as, if not more busy than he's ever been.  Dark Horse Comics recently announced some new books and some creative changes that will be affecting the Mignolaverse in the coming months.  

First up, the publisher announced the next mini-series in the line of past stories with Hellboy and the BPRD: 1953.  Written by Mike Mignola and Ben Stenbeck, the book will launch in October just in time for Halloween.  The two one-shots will follow Hellboy to England on his first-ever ghost hunt.  He's joined by Professor Bruttenholm to fight the phanom hand of a murderer and a demonic water spirit, harkening back to the early Mignola story, The Corpse.

January sees the release of the Hellboy Winter Special one-shot that will include contributions from a number of creators, most of which are still unannounced.  Mignola will of course be a part of it and he'll be co-writing a 12 page story with Chris Roberson, the co-creator of iZombie.  The next month sees Roberson take over as the ongoing co-writer for Hellboy & The BPRD with Mignola alongside artists Paolo Rivera and Joe Rivera.

Finally, after eleven years, John Arcudi is retiring from the BPRD.  Next year will see the conclusion of his run on the title with issue #147 of BPRD: Hell on Earth.  This will also wrap up the Hell on Earth storyline which has been running for a few years.  What comes next is anyone's guess, but the publisher has teased that “the impossible will happen” in the Mignolaverse.  

I've fallen a little behind on my Mignola titles, but this kind of stuff makes me want to catch up quick.  Hell on Earth has been absolutely crazy, putting these characters through the ringer in ways that you just won't see anywhere else.  I'm very curious as to how it wraps up.  Plus, any book that focuses on Hellboy's past has my money.  I'll be sure to keep my eyes peeled for updates on these titles as their release dates get closer.



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