Fdr American Badass Amazon UsScreen Media Films announced its new label Primal Screen yesterday, saying it will focus on development, production, and acquisition of new films relevant to the genre.  

From the press release:

“Under our Screen Media Films umbrella, we are excited to launch a branded line of horror titles in this still quite profitable genre,” said Blech. “The brand will focus on connecting with fans by releasing unique genre films that literally appeal to their primal thirst for all things horror.”

Added Dwyer, who is Screen Media’s Vice President of International Sales and Acquisitions: “Internationally, Screen Media has been bringing quality genre titles to market since its inception. We look forward to continuing and expanding the scope of that tradition with the Primal Screen label.”

With Primal Screen, the new label will explore all types of distribution deals - from theatrical to midnight screenings to pure digital distribution - by officially expanding its already established relationships in the genre following the domestic release of horror titles such as
Night of the Living Dead 3D: Reanimation, FDR: American Badass, Below Zero, and Inkubus, plus international titles including Sweatshop, Remains – a Chiller Network Original, Adrian Garcia Bogliano’s Cold Sweat, Glenn McQuaid’s I Sell the Dead, and Ti West’s Trigger Man.

Looks like some good early titles in that mix. I've heard some good about I Sell the Dead and Ti West is an obvious up-and-comer in the genre. And FDR: American Badass just looks fantastic.

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