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Garden of Hedon, the fifth film from Fear of Clowns director Kevin Kangas, will be shipping February. To promote the upcoming Blu-ray, Kangas has been releasing 'chapters' on his website that will end up totalling almost a half hour before all is said and done.

In Garden of Hedon, a man named Owen wakes up in a mansion where every hedonism is perpetually indulged. Every hedonism, including murder. With no memory of how he got there and no help from the residents of the house, Owen sets out to stop the murderer in whatever way he can.

Like the Kangas’ other films, Garden of Hedon was shot entirely in Maryland (Annapolis and Baltimore).

The film stars Richard Cutting (National Treasure 2), Danielle Lozeau (Legion, The Eye), John C. Bailey (“Kegasus”), Beau Peregino (A Haunting), Paul Sieber (Ninjas Vs. Vampires) and Manuel Poblete (Game Change). It was co-written and produced by Luke Theriault and shot by Jared Noe. The music score is by veteran composer Chad Seiter(Fringe, Star Trek, Lost).

Check out the first clip below and then head on over to the Kangas Kahn Films website where you can currently see three more chapters and a prelude, as well as pre-order your Blu-ray (which has free shipping for a limited time!).

Kangas was kind enough to send us a provactive behind-the-scenes picture from Garden of Hedon. Click here to check out a (NSFW) sassy picture of actress/model Jessy Layne.

Links: Facebook | Garden of Hedon Chapters | Pre-order Garden of Hedon



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