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NETFL!X AND KILL gets ready for Season Two.

NETFL!X AND KILL is back. Following the success of the first season of theweb-series, award-winning filmmaker Kate Shenton is now launching a crowdfundingcampaign for Season Two.

NETFL!X AND KILL is a quirky dark comedy web series about a psychopath and his victim… who spend all day sitting around watching television. In between murders,they are planning the ultimate killing. Watch the entire first season on Hex Studios’ YouTube channel.

Season One reached upwards of 10,000 views. After the overwhelmingly positivereactions, Kate Shenton decided to expand the universe of her series. “What I loveto do is build worlds. There always was the potential to create a lot with NETFL!XAND KILL. The reaction to Season One was so encouraging that I didn’t want to waitbefore I continued to show more of this world."

Kate Shenton is bringing back the same creative team for the new season, includingstars Nic Lamont and Adam Rhys-Davies, who also starred in her award-winningfeature film EGOMANIAC. Season Two will follow the same premise of a psychopathand a victim watching television –with a twist: this time Nic Lamont will play thepsychopath and Adam Rhys-Davies will play the victim.

In order to get Season Two made, the producers are launching a crowdfunding campaign: the perks include a number of NETFL!X AND KILL goodies as well as theopportunity to have your own episode in the series.The campaign will run until the end of November, with production starting on the series in January 2019. The campaign is now live on Indiegogo.

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