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I'm just going to put this on Front Street.  If you're not reading Nailbiter, I don't think we can be friends.  The Image Comics series, written by Joshua Williamson and illustrated by Mike Henderson is awesome and well worth your time.  I've already sung its praises in reviews and top ten lists.  The book kicks off a new story arc in November with issue #17.  

Here's the lowdown on where the book is at the moment: NSA agent Nicholas Finch took a trip over to the serial killer capitol of the world, Buckaroo, Oregon to track down his colleague who had gone missing.  He finds the guy, but his friend is missing his arms and legs and in a coma.  Finch turned his attention to the title character, Edward James Warren, to get some answers.  In the meantime, bodies start piling up around town as there's a new Buckaroo Butcher walking around.  Issue #17 introduces a new serial killer.

Nailbiter #17 is the start of a brand new story arc that pushes the mystery forward in big ways. Finch, Crane, Barker, Alice, Warren, and Carroll suffered heavy losses in the last arc and have scattered,” said Williamson. “This arc we've nicknamed ‘The Devil went down to Georgia,’ and it highlights a NEW SERIAL KILLER! A brutal and demented serial killer is on the loose in Atlanta, the killer from Buckaroo? Is it the new Buckaroo Butcher?” He added, “And this arc opens with probably our most violent and horrific scene yet! This whole arc is building to something HUGE in Nailbiter.”

“We're finally back to the bloody mystery of Warren, and Crane goes Lone Ranger on the town of Buckaroo while Finch is away,” said Henderson. “This is probably our wildest story arc, and if it makes even one reader squirm or say ‘ew’ out loud as much as I did while drawing it, I'll mark it down as a win. And we're just getting started.”

It's hard to imagine Nailbiter getting even better, but hearing the creators talk about where the book is going has me pumped.  I cannot wait for it to return and see where they take the story next.  

Nailbiter #17 will debut on November 4th.  The Final Order Cutoff deadline is Monday, October 12th so get your pre-orders in soon.

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