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A problem I'm sure many horror fans face is how to share their love for the genre with their kids.  It's not as easy as something like sports or super heroes which are easily accessible at all ages.  Child Protective Services would probably be called if you showed your kids Friday the 13th.  That being said, there have been a handful of great monster-filled books and comics popping up that are suitable for all ages.  Soon we'll have another with Joe Mulvey's Mummy's Always Right, an upcoming board book colored by Jules Rivera and brought to you by the same folks behind C is for Cthulhu: The Lovecraft Alphabet Board Book.  

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Mulvey is a comic book artist behind books like Scam and Counter Terror, but not a whole lot that he could share with his two daughters.  They want to see their dad draw and it's tough to do that with some of the content contained within his funny books.  To remedy that situation, he created Gaws, the mischievous little mummy.  His kids went nuts for it and every day for weeks they'd come into his studio asking for a new Gaws sketch.  Those following Mulvey on Twitter or Instagram will have seen some of these sketches, many of which are in brilliant homage to classic comic and movie posters.  

As the book is still coming together, Mulvey has asked for fan feedback on some of the character designs.  Right now you can vote for which design you like best for Daddy Mummy.  Early previews should be showing up in the coming weeks.

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I cannot wait for Mummy's Always Right and I'm looking forward to sharing the book with my own little monsters.  This is a book that's right up my alley.  You can stay up to date on the making of Mummy's Always Right through the book's official Facebook page.



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