This October, Tarcher/Random Penguin releases the paperback of Robert Damon Schneck's Mrs. Wakeman vs. The Anti-Christ and Other Strange-but-True Tales from American History.


From the press release:


Researcher and writer Robert Damon Schneck has spent more than a decade devoted to uncovering and cataloging these wild tales for modern readers, first in his book The President's Vampire, and now in MRS. WAKEMAN VS. THE ANTI-CHRIST and Other Strange-but-True Tales from American History. This volume of America's hidden history collects the well-documented and verifiable events covered in local newspapers and journals during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, exploring an intersection of history and legend that transcends American folklore. These unbelievable stories include:


  • The psychic who advised an American president
  • A gold-mining expedition that led to an encounter with some Sasquatches
  • A family driven mad by an Ouija board addiction
  • The occasional appearance of the anti-Christ
  • and many more!


Schneck's thoroughly researched, entertaining and incredible tales will have readers exclaiming that can't be true! These unbelievable yet undeniably true stories reveal dark and mysterious layers of America's past that have remained hidden in newspaper clippings and public archives until now. With MRS.WAKEMAN VS. THE ANTI-CHRIST, readers can explore the paranormal and occult happenings that fueled 20th century pop-culture – from hit books like the Weird U.S. series to popular TV shows like "Ghost Hunters" – and continue to fascinate audiences today.


This one is clearly going on my ever-growing "to read" pile.


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